8 Easy DIY Improvements For Under $10k

8 Easy DIY Improvements For Under $10k

So you have just purchased a property; if you are lucky enough to have any cash left over here are some easy and possibly DIY improvements you can make on a tight budget.

By carrying out these improvements you can potentially increase rental income or resale value.

Add A Lick Of Paint


When choosing a colour scheme, select neutral colours to have a wide appeal to your potential market. To help choose colours many paint manufacturers have tools on their websites to help in the decision making process.

Do The Carpets Match The Drapes


Replacing old flooring can be a simple cost effective way to give rooms a completely new look and feel. Whether it means sanding and polishing existing floorboards or replacing old carpet. Most home hardware stores sell carpet off the roll or carpet squares with a glue backing which are easy to install.

Bust Yo’ Dust


If you know how to use Apax Spray ‘n’ Wipe and not afraid to get your hands dirty, giving your property a scrub especially in the bathroom, laundry and kitchen areas can breath new life into busy areas… or just hire Consuela.

Trimming Your Bushes


Cutting back or removing overgrown trees and plants will reduce ongoing maintenance while giving your property a cleaner look, not to mention potentially more light to some rooms. Note: check with local council before removing any native flora.

The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe


If you are lucky enough to have bedrooms that can accommodate built in wardrobes many companies such as Bunnings or Ikea sell affordable flat-pack kits. Installing these will make bedrooms much more appealing to potential renters or buyers.



Replacing existing or damaged blinds can add style to a otherwise plain room and allow better control of lighting and privacy. If your windows are standard sizes Bunnings will likely have something in stock to suit, otherwise custom blinds can be ordered online. Note: if children are likely to be inhabiting the area make sure blind cords are out of reach as they can be a choking hazard.

Let there be light


By improving the lighting you can give the inside of a property a more open and less dreary feel, either by the use of natural light or replacing bulbs in existing lights. Installing energy saving bulbs such as LEDs will reduce ongoing costs. Note: It is recommended to use a licensed electrician if you are rewiring lights.

Get Some Street Cred


First impressions matter, you can improve the outside of your property by:

  • Remove clutter such as garden tools, car parts, rubbish and exterminating those pesky garden gnomes.
  • Tidy garden by removing weeds, mowing lawns and doing edges
  • Replace/paint the entrance door to give the property a more modern look
  • Cleaning gutters
  • Painting at least the front (street facing) side of your property …if you are too lazy to paint all the way around.



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