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These days it is evident that the younger generations are doing what they can to set themselves up for the future – despite of all the articles that are out there about us being ‘lazy’ and ‘unproductive’; we’ve seen how hard our parents have had to work, the sacrifices they’ve had to make and yet some of them still haven’t had the chance to taste the fruit of their labor. We DON’T want this to happen to us and nor do we want this to continue with our parents.

We have come to realise that property is ONE of the many vehicles out there to help create wealth. YPI believes that the resources out there have become outdated and not tailored to the average first home owner/investor. Some articles you’ll find here will be deep and others will involve cats behaving un-cat-like; regardless YPI is committed to cutting through the BS and give you the tools and resources needed to make the world of property a lot less scary.




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